Meeting Minutes for Design Review 1/14/11 '''Notes from Design Review''' *Reason for spin test - just one of the tests used to see if bearing is bad *Heats rolls cammed in seperately - will have force on fuser roll **Need to create proper FBD will all forces --> Get ALL loads from Melissa *Boedo - Impossible to acheieve zero failures in field (L0) * # of prints DO NOT EQUAL # of revolutions **Find out how many revolutions/print *Don't worry about cost for bearings *Find bearing's catelog number --> Find L1 life for bearings regardless of temperature conditions *Look at NSK's life calculator *Compare calculations to Xerox's spreadsheet *Talk to manufacturing about target time to take measurements *Characterize response of bearing life *Xerox --> Image quality test to determine failed bearings *Boedo's recommendations **Build fixture with measurement methods **Run bearing, take measurements at incremental cycles **Correlate to Xerox --> may be too much for project *Design measurement system to correlate data with existing data *Take apart and take photos of bearings at different intervals **Look for wear marks, etc... *'''Need to get calculations with applied loads''' *Test Fixture --> Do FEA analysis on fixture, make sure structure of bearing dictates signal, not fixture