P11553: Improved Power Spreader for ProMetal

Required Resources

The following are required resources necessary for successful project implementation.

Item Source Description Available
Dr. Cormier Faculty Guide Yes
Dr. Cormier / ProMetal Customer Yes
Item Source Description Available
Brinkman Lab 2nd Floor of GLE Bldg. Workstation is located in the Metrology Lab. By request, first come first served for CNC machining.
ME Machine Shop 2nd Floor of GLE Bldg. Several Lathes, mills, typical machining capabilities Available most hours of the week.
Item Source Description Available
High precision microscope Located in Brinkman Lab Can display very clear images and has analysis capabilities Must have trained personel present
Mills, Lathes, saws, etc. ME Machine Shop Typical machining tools available Available most hours of the week.

The team members will be expected to procure the materials needed for the project, excluding the following:

Item Source Description Available
Fab @ Home System Dr. Cormier A complete 3-D motion system that has several re-useable parts All parts are available
Metal powder ProMetal Donation Used 60 Micron steel powder By request
Binder ProMetal Donation Same powder binder that ProMetal uses May or may not be available