P11553: Improved Power Spreader for ProMetal


Two software packages are required to operate this printer. Arduino: The Arduino is the mind of the printer. It accepts inputs and uses those to control the various motors, solenoid, and atomizer. The arduino code is commented such that pin locations are noted.

Possible improvements for this code could be improved modularity, decreased size by incorporating more functions, and the inclusion of a cancel function.

Motor position tracking could also be helpful.

PC: The PC connects to the arduino with a USB cable. The provided code is written in VB.Net 2010. It first connects to the arduino over the available COM port. Single bytes are sent to the arduino which then interprets which motors to move.

Interaction: Currently the VB.Net and Arduino codes do not do any sort of communication verification. If the arduino fails to receive a byte, or the pc fails to receive a byte program lockups can occur.

Arduino Code

VB.Net Code