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Team Values and Norms

The following content is a list of values and norms that will serve to measure performance of each team member. Evaluations should be reviewed ~ every 5 weeks.

Team Values

Team member is prompt, on time, and notifies team members of conflicts immediately. Confirmation of conflict has been received by a team-mate.
High caliber work will be completed by each team member such that work does not need revision by a team-mate.
Professional and Ethical
Team members will acknowledge credit where credit is due. Team member will work with honesty. Behavior will be professional at all times.
Contribution to project will be in equal share to each team member.

Team Norms: Weekly Peer Assessment Rubric

Every team member will conduct a peer assessment of their team-mates periodically using the rubric below.
Accepted Norms of Performance: Weekly Peer Assessment Rubric
Value Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
Punctual Late to scheduled meetings. Documents not prepared when due. On time to scheduled meetings. Documents mostly prepared. On time or early to every scheduled meeting. Documents prepared when due. On time or early to every scheduled event. Documents prepared before they are due.
Contribution Task is not completed, needs to be completed by another team member. Task is completed. Needs revision by team. Task is completed. May need revision by team. Task is completed thoroughly and completely. Work does not need revision.
Professional and Ethical No citations to literature, inappropriate behavior at team events. Actions cause entire team to fail. No citations to literature, inappropriate behavior at team events. Actions cause entire team to fail. Follows KGCOE Academic Honesty Policy. Behaves professionally at all times, even under stressful situations.
Commitment Team member does not facilitate work. Team member participates rarely. Team member participates and carries their fair share of work. Team member carries more than necessary workload.

Peer Assessment Form

Every team member should complete a peer assessment form periodically. The member names fill in the rows along the left, and the Values in the columns across the top. Write the Norms of performance in each entry of the matrix.

Peer Assessment
Member Name Punctual Contribution Professional and Ethical Commitment Overall
Chris Rukas
Nick Shields
Jay Wheaton
Matthew Rebisz
Carlos Bu

The team manager is responsible for providing feedback on the performance of all team members to the faculty guide. This information should be shared privately with the team members and with the faculty guide.

Team Norms and Values PDF