P11562: MIS Frame and Stabilization Module


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The goal of the Modular Imaging System Family of projects is to make an imaging system. The system will be designed for use by the faculty and students of College of Imaging Science, who will use it for research purposes. The mission is to create a camera that can be mounted on a UAV (un-manned aerial vehicle) and can be operated remotely. In order to have a more mobile imaging system that can be operated remotely via a UAV, the Modular Imaging System (MIS) track will develop an imaging system that will fit into the RIT UAV platforms. The imaging that is intended to be built this year will be mounted on UAV airframe C and therefore must meet its payload requirements. The goal of the MIS track is to modularize and improve upon the system that was previously made so that current generation modules can be swapped out with future generation modules while maintaining compatibility with previous generations.

The Frame and Stabilization project's mission is to create a module interface for the UAV platform, standardize the camera mounting interface, design and implement the camera shock and vibration systems, minimize the module weight, and maximize the impact survivability.

Project Name
MIS Frame and Stabilization Module
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Open Source / Open Architecture Modular Imaging System
Printing & Imaging Systems
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Alan Raisanen
Faculty Consultant
Jason, Faulring, Jason Kolodziej
Primary Customer
CIS, Carl Salvaggio

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Karen Smith

Matt Moore

Rob Bingham

ME: Project Lead

ME: Structural Engineer

ME: Vibrations Engineer