P11565: ITT Mirror Steering System

Select Product Concept(s)

From the generated products list, a concept selection matrix was created in order to determine which designs were the best in terms of achieving the desired customer specs and needs. The first column of the matrix is the "base", meaning all entries receive a 0. For the remaining columns, each entry receives either a + or - based on whether or not that specific entry is better or worse than the corresponding base entry.

Two iterations were performed to determine the best concept that our team should go with. Click on the "Concept Selection Matrix" link to see our iterative process, and to view the design that scored the highest. A feasibility analysis was also performed to ensure that the selected design is indeed practical for our project. Click on the "Feasibility Analysis" to view the file.

A 3D CAD drawing of our design can be seen below:

Final Design Concept

Final Design Concept