P11566: ITT Magnetic Damper

Staffing Requirements

Name Discipline Role
Dr. Alan Raisanen Director of Technology, IT Collaboratory Faculty Guide, Will work closely with the team on an on-going basis to facilitate success.
Tom Sciotto IE Lead Engineer- Responsible for maintaining project schedule, coordinating project tasks, and systems integration. Responsible for establishing realistic compromise device architecture and engineering parameters to meet desired performance objectives using commercially available components. Responsible for generating documentation and maintaining edge website.
Tiffany Heyd ME Simulation Engineer- Responsible for finite element analysis and MATLAB modeling of the magnetic damping system. Using commercially available components such as rare-earth magnets, the design engineer will model candidate system architectures to predict damping performance, and then optimize these architectures for maximum damping behavior.
Ben Hensel ME Test Engineer- Responsible for design and fabrication of a test bed to demonstrate the damping behavior of the candidate magnetic damping device. A mass will be suspended on springs, and the damping behavior of the damper system will be measured for single impulse deflections and vibrations with various amplitude and frequency
Jake Norris ME Fabrication Engineer- Responsible for physical implementation of the magnetic damper device.