P11581: PCC Thread Role Die Measurement


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Precision Castparts Corporation SPS Fastener Division uses flat and round dies to produce fasteners for the aerospace industry. The dies are produced by an outside vendor that uses a surface profiling tool to take measurements on critical dimensions. This process is time consuming and impractical for every die to be tested. SPS currently does not have their own system in place that can test the dies when they arrive. This results in wasted setup/production times and materials.

The mission of the team is to design and construct a tool to measure, inspect, and validate critical die dimensions. The data may be used to develop statistical process control and to help understand the wear on a die over its life.

PCC SPS Thread Roll Die Measurement

PCC SPS Thread Roll Die Measurement

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PCC Thread Roll Die Measurement
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Printing & Imaging Systems
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Ryan McKnight
Ashley Tyler
Justin Lamprey
Anthony Ritz
Matt Turner
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Dr. Alan Raisanen
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Richard Drinker(PCC)
Chris Enright (PCC)
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Precision Castparts Corporation SPS Fastener Division


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