P11581: PCC Thread Role Die Measurement

Team Values and Norms

Our approach to establishing team values and norms was to take the original values and rating levels and make our own assessments. The original was thought to be too wordy. The categories will be defined for the exceeds section and then use appropriate judgment to assign lower values.

Group members should come to all of the classes and meetings, or let members know ahead of time if you cannot make it, keep the group up to date
Group members' completed tasks are clear, the tasks need minimal to no additional work/reworking from other group members, explanation of your work when necessary, seeks help when necessary
Group members' tasks are complete with virtually no error, work needs to be easy to follow
Professional and Ethical
Groups members work well with the group, act in professional manner with group members, keep everyone informed, take credit for your mistakes, give credit to those where needed
Group members get all the work done you need for your task, make you and your work are on time, help others in group who may be struggling, ask for help when needed so progress of group as a whole is not slowed
Group members do any and all work accurately, keep group informed
Ratings for the above will use the scale
1 Unsatisfactory
2 Needs Improvement
3 Meets Expectations
4 Exceeds Expectations

Peer Assessment Form

Every team member should complete a peer assessment form periodically. The member names fill in the rows along the left, and the Values in the columns across the top. Write the Norms of performance in each entry of the matrix.

Peer Assessment Form