P11582: PCC Rivet Inspection Automation


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Project Background:
Cherry Aerospace, a division of Precision Castparts Corporation (PCC), SPS Fastener Division produces pull-type rivets for aerospace applications. The rivets are produced in large batches and need to adhere to the correct tolerances allowed. Therefore, a sample of rivets is taken from the produced lots for inspection. The key parameters of these rivets are measured manually by technicians through the use of micrometers and other metrology instruments. Due to the large number of rivets produced daily it is impossible to perform 100% inspection. Cherry Aerospace would like to increase the number of lot samples inspected through the use of an automated inspection process.
Problem Statement:
Design and construct an inspection tool to measure and validate critical rivet dimensions at high speed in high volumes and consolidate the inspection data for use in a real time statistical control process.
Rivet, -5 dia, -1 grip

Rivet, -5 dia, -1 grip

Project Name
PCC Rivet Inspection Automation
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Printing & Imaging Systems
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Team Members
Desirae Gilbert
Josh Rabau
Gary Sereico
Jake Yates
Faculty Guide
Dr. Alan Raisanen
Industry Guide
Rich Drinker (PCC)
Primary Customer
PCC - SPS Fastener Division

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