P11711: Wegmans - Bakery Data Collection

MSD II Photos

MSD II Photos
Implementation at Wegmans Assembly Computer/Data
Connecting the Sensor
Image:Connect Sensor.jpg
Tighten Cables
Image:Tighten Cables.jpg
Cart during Production
Image:Cart at Parbake.jpg
Extract Data
Image:Extract Data.jpg
Plug in Ethernet Cable
Image:Ethernet Connection.jpg
Power and Coding LEDs
Image:Power and Coding LEDs.jpg
Image:Red USB LED.jpg
Sensor with Clamp
Image:Sensor with Clamp.jpg
Main Electronics
Image:Main Electronics 2.jpg
Excel Files Folder
Image:Excel File Folder.jpg
Purge Data Prompt
Image:Purge Data Prompt.jpg
Data Output Sample 1
Image:Data Output Sample.jpg
Data Output Sample 2
Image:Data Output Sample 2.jpg