P11712: Cheesecake Water Dosing Automation

Comparison of Risk Assessment

At a first stage the team got together and thoroughly analyzed the current baking process and its requirements. The team also got together with the customer to define his needs. Engineering Specifications were created to further develop a device that would fully seek to satisfy the customer needs. Then the team generated different approaches that would best solve the current issue. Then the team developed a list of 70 risks. If any of these risks were to happen, our project could suffer delays. The risks were weighted according to the likelihood that it could happen and the severity associated with the event. Then both factors are multiple to obtain the level of importance of the risks. On the first link below the list of 70 risks has been attached.

Initial Risk List

At a second stage and based on the level of importance the team went ahead and reduce the list of risks. The team decided to take under consideration only the risks whose importance level value was ten or higher. Once the list was reduced, the team revisited the new list in order to confirm accurate information. New owners were assigned according to their capabilities and their relevance to the risk. The first update of the risks assessment is attached on the link above. After the Senior Design came to an end, the team revisited the current state of the project in order to further analyze other risks and the current one. On the link below the updated risks assessment list have been attached.

Final Risk Assessment