P11712: Cheesecake Water Dosing Automation

Feasibility Analysis

The Team decided that it would be appropriate to design a feasibility analysis to better understand the current process capabilities. It was also necessary to understand the current water output and how much water the system could access in order to operate properly.

On the first link below, the team has attached a Head Loss calculations. The calculations seek to prove that our system will be able to supply the required amounts of water to successfully meet the customer demands. The calculations also proved that the team can avoid the use of a tank or pump system to obtain the required flow of water.

Head Loss

The second feasibility analysis is a Throughput Analysis. The team wanted to make sure that the implementation of the automation to the process will not minimize total throughput. As shown in the calculations attached at the link below, the oven cycles every four minutes and forty seconds. Therefore the water dose system must be capable to fill the sheet pan on time interval of 22 seconds. In the attachment below there are two tables. The first table shows how the pans are moving on the current process. The second table is how the proposed process would operate with the implementation.

Throughput Analysis