P11712: Cheesecake Water Dosing Automation

Generate Product Concepts

Table of Contents

Step 1. Clarify The Problem

To fully automate the water dosing process involved with baking cheesecakes including water pouring prior to baking and water evacuation after the baking process.

Step 2. Search Externally

No external research could have been done as this is a competitive process across cheesecake manufacturers.

Step 3. Search Internally

There was a previous project Senior Design 10712 that dealt with the automated water dosing process but was to slow to actually be used in the process.

Step 4. Explore Systematically

Concept Generation


1) At sensor

2) oven bed

3) on conveyor belt prior to sensor

4) Between Cheesecake section and conveyor

Input Mechanism

1) Hard Piping

2) Tank/pump

3) hard pipe to flex pipe

Outlet to Sheet Pan

1) 1 dispenser

2) 4 dispensers

3) 8 dispensers

4) Straight Geometry

5) Curved Geometry

6) Angled Geometry

Timing Mechanism

1) When and how fast to fill

2) Fixed time

3) Variable time

Offload Process

1) overhead vacuum hose

2) mechanical tipping machine

3) reverse of the input method.

Step 5. Reflect on the Results and the Process

Upon receiving all information for the values that need to be applied to the specifications generated this concept will be base-lined according to the current process being used and if each idea will be an improvement over the current process.