P11713: Bakery Energy Audit


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 Wegmans Bakery Energy Audit

Wegmans Bakery Energy Audit

Project Readiness Package

A team of faculty and students for the Rochester Institute of Technology propose an energy partnership project with Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. with the objective of identifying opportunities by which energy costs at the central bakeshop can be reduced.

Toward this end, the RIT/WFM team will

(1) Develop an energy reduction roadmap that describes action items and what methods should be used

(2) Analyze and research past energy consumption patterns

(3) Generate a report detailing the energy saving opportunities identified, the economic implications of the opportunities, and a plan for implementation (including where Wegmans should obtain new equipment, where they need to change their processes, where to install meters, where they should instill new process disciplines and audit for compliance)

Project Name
Bakery Energy Audit
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Process Innovation
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Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen
Primary Customer

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Planning Concept Level Design System Level Design MSD II

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Energy Strategy for the Future Visual Flowchart

Energy Strategy for the Future Matrix

Motor Efficiency Flowchart

Systems Level Design Review (SD I)

Systems Level Design Review Recommendations

Detailed Design Review (SD I)

Detailed Design Review Recommendations

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Visual Roadmap

Technical Conference Publication (SD II)

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Managerial Design Review Presentation (SD II)

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