P12003: Dynamic Keyboard


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The main objective of the P12003 – Dynamic Keyboard IV team is to fully understand and prepare the DK set up for appropriate user testing during MSDII term.

As a part of the assistive devices project track, the goal of the Dynamic Keyboard team is to provide a pressure sensitive computer keyboard. The project device will emulate a typical computer keyboard and then return character input as well as pressure and timestamp information. This device targets the deaf community by providing enhanced text based communication. The design team successfully enhanced, tested, and delivered the legacy device provided by past teams.

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Dynamic Keyboard
Project Name
Dynamic Keyboard IV
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems & Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Gary Behm, Office 09-1111
Sponsor (financial support)
Elizabeth DeBartolo, eademe@rit.edu
National Science Foundation

Team Members

 Dynamic Keyboard Phase IV Team (Left to Right)

Dynamic Keyboard Phase IV Team (Left to Right)

Member Role Contact
Doug Hemink Team Member (ME) dah7488@rit.edu
David Dallesandro Team Member (ME) dgd6507@rit.edu
Michelle Sadallah Team Member (EE) mls1098@rit.edu
Devin Blau Team Member (EE) dsb6469@rit.edu

Table of Contents

MSD I MSD I Weekly Status MSD Test Data MSD II MSD II Weekly Status MSD II Test Data

Photo Gallery

Code of Ethics

Planning & Execution

Customer Needs and Specs

Risk Assesment

Proposed System Architecture

Systems Design Pre-Read

Systems Design Minutes

Work Breakdown Structure

Detailed Design Pre-Read

Detailed Design Minutes

Project Review

Project Weekly Status Week 4

Project Weekly Status Week 6

Project Weekly Status Week 7

Project Weekly Status Week 8

Project Weekly Status Week 9

Project Weekly Status Week 10

DSB Test Data

DGD Test Data

DAH Test Data

Photo Gallery

Planning & Execution

EE 5 Week Breakdown

ME 5 Week Breakdown

P12003 5 Week Chart

P12003 Weeks 6-8 Lookahead

P12003 User Test Plan

P12003 Spec Test Grid

P12003 Test Plan Template

P12003 Test Plan Completed

Test Stand and Keyboard Model

Final Presentation

Technical Paper


Project Weekly Status Week 2

Project Weekly Status Week 3

Project Weekly Status Week 4

Project Weekly Status Week 5

Project Weekly Status Week 6

Imagine RIT Summary

Test Data Final

Test Stand Information