P12007: Equilabrator System

Camera Structure Design

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Camera Structure Detailed Design Overview

The following information offers only a high level overview of the proposed designs, more details will be made available following the Detailed Design Review on 02/24/12

Selected Concept Review

For details about this concept please view the Concept Selection page.

Relevant Engineering Specifications

Camera Structure Specifications (2/21/12)

Camera Structure Specifications (2/21/12)

For details on all required specifications please view the Engineering Specifications page.

Designing Telescoping using 80/20inc parts

80/20 Inc. does not offer any telescoping options in their product catalog. A series of 3 designs were created in an attempt to create this functionality.

Original BalancEngineering Design
2 T-slotted bars slide parallel to each other through the use of the 80/20 Linear bearing kit.
Telescoping Design 1
A 1" hollow square tube will slide inside of a second 1.5" hollow square tube with a locking handle.
Telescoping Design 2
Same as the original design except replace the T-slotted bars with 1" hollow tubes.
Telescoping Design 3
See Below

Telescoping design selection(2/21/12)

Telescoping design selection(2/21/12)

Telescoping design 3 combined with the 'Y' layout.

Design 3 Model(2/21/12)

Design 3 Model(2/21/12)

Design 3 Model(2/21/12)

Design 3 Model(2/21/12)

More information will be made available after a detailed design review on 2/24/12

Prioritized Design Risks and Mitigation Plans

* Reduce: Meet with BalancEngineering week 11 to discuss assembly and shop capabilities

For a full list of identified project risks please view the Risk Assessment page.

Final Detailed Design Outputs

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