P12007: Equilabrator System

Concept Selection

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Concepts Overview

The following information offers only a high level overview of the concept selection process, for detailed information please download the System Design Review Powerpoint.

Material Selection

The current system uses 80/20 Inc. Fractional T-slotted Aluminum for the structure.

For the P12007 upgrade; alternative materials were investigated, most notably Creform and McMaster, but ultimately 80/20 was re-selected for the proposed redesign for the following reasons.

If you represent or have a suggestion for a material source that meets the above requirements please contact David Lahn by email at DJL7399@rit.edu.

Download 80/20 Product Catalog Here

Camera Structure Design

Camera Structure Concept Selection Matrices
Camera Structure Concepts Summary

Foot Plate Track Design

Foot Plate Track Concept Selection Matrix
Foot Plate Track Concepts Summary

Foot Plate Design

Foot Plate Concept Selection Matrix
Foot Plate Concepts Summary