P12007: Equilabrator System

Customer Constraints

Customer requested milestones, progress reports, and expected product

Design, build, and fully characterized working prototypes of 4 idler modules and 3 powered motor modules. See the "Detailed Course Deliverables" section for more specifics.

Customer and Sponsor Involvement

Describe role of customer and sponsor in the project, planned participation in design and project reviews, etc.

The team will be expected to carry out the vast majority of their interactions with the Team Guide. The sponsor will be available for a series of meetings during the course of the project, and will meet with a group of teams during the beginning of SD1 to lay out common goals, objectives, and philosophies for the sequence of projects. It is anticipated that the sponsor will meet with the team (or multiple related teams) for 2 hour meetings approximately 4 times during senior design 1, and twice during senior design 2. The sponsor will participate with team communications electronically, through the web site as well.

Regulatory Requirements


Project Budget and Special Procurement Processes

The sponsor has allocated $****** to this project.

Each team will be required to keep track of all expenses incurred with their project.

Purchases for this track will be run through ...

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