P12007: Equilabrator System

Foot Plate Track Design

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Foot Plate Track Adjustability Detailed Design Overview

The following information offers only a high level overview of the proposed designs, more details will be made available following the Detailed Design Review on 02/24/12

Selected Concept Review

Use two 80/20 linear motion sliders in conjunction with current track system. Sliders will be internal to the foot pads and will allow adjustability from 0" - 12".

For details about this concept please view the Concept Selection page.

Relevant Engineering Specifications

Foot Track Specifications (2/21/12)

Foot Track Specifications (2/21/12)

For details on all required specifications please view the Engineering Specifications page.

Detailed Design

A 3D model was created showing the proposed design.

Proposed Track Design (2/21/12)

Proposed Track Design (2/21/12)

  1. A portion of the existing plastic box will have to be cut, these boxes are already custom cut to shape and assembled by BalancEngineering so it should add little additional cost to manufacturing.
  2. A locking mechanism for the pads so that they do not slide around unintentionally is still in development.

Prioritized Design Risks and Mitigation Plans

* Reduce: Current backup plan is to use rubber rings around the point of entry of the slider bars to increase friction so that the sliding mechanism can not slide freely.

For a full list of identified project risks please view the Risk Assessment page.

Final Detailed Design Outputs

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