P12007: Equilabrator System


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Equilibrate System Design Upgrade

The Equilibrate system is a portable balance assessment and therapy tool currently sold to physicians nation wide.
Primary Objective
Redesign the physical structure to reduce weight and increase aesthetics. without altering the software requirements in any way.
Based on market feedback the primary limitations of the system is its heavy weight (44lbs) and industrial look. The product is marketed as portable but clinicians have difficulty carrying the device.
Mechanical Engineering Aspects
Material analysis, structural design, material deformation, structure impacts and stress, and design function.
Industrial Engineering Aspects
Ergonomics of design, manufacturing feasibility, design for fabrication, human interface considerations, and ease of use.
Other Discipline Aspects
Market acceptance and Aesthetics.
For More Information
Please view the Mission Statement and the table of contents below for more information on the scope of P12007.
Please view BalancEngineering's website for more information about the current product design.
Carrying Case

Carrying Case

Patient Using Current System

Patient Using Current System

Project Name
Equilibrate System
Project Number
Project Family
Project Focus Areas
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Aging Care Services and Fall Risk Assessment, Concussion Management and Sports Medicine, Education, Research, and Applications
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo (ME)
Primary Customer
Balance Engineering: http://balancengineering.com/
Sponsor (financial support)
Michael A. Compisi, President
Current System Before Upgrade

Current System Before Upgrade

Team Members

Member Role Contact
David Lahn Project Manager [lahndavid@gmail.com]
Sado Borcilo Structural Design [sxb1898@mail.rit.edu]
Diana Rodriguez Linear Motion [dxr6900@mail.rit.edu]
Natalie Ferrari Materials Analysis [nsf4566@rit.edu]

Table of Contents

MSD I - Planning MSD I - System Level Design MSD I - Detailed Design

Mission Statement

Staffing Requirements

Intellectual Property Considerations

Team Values and Norms

Product Division into Components

Data Gathering Summary

Initial Project Plan

Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Functional Decomposition Diagram

System Design Review

Concept Selection

Project Plan Detailed Design

Camera Structure Design

Foot Plate Track Design

Foot Plate Design

Risk Assessment

Preliminary Test Plans

Detailed Design Review

Project Plan MSD II

MSD II Sub-assembly #1 Foot Plate MSD II Sub-assembly #2 Camera Structure MSD II Sub-assembly #3 Foot Plate Track MSD II System

Sub1 Prototyping

Sub1 Testing (Download)

Sub1 Final Drawing Package (Download)

Sub2 Prototyping

Sub2 Testing (Download)

Sub2 Final 3-D Model (Download)

Sub2 Final Drawing Package (Download)

Sub3 Prototyping

Sub3 Testing (Download)

Sub3 Final 3-D Model (Download)

Sub3 Final Drawing Package (Download)

Final Bill of Materials (Download)

System Results (Download)

Technical Paper (Download)

Final Presentation (Download)

Poster (Download)