P12007: Equilabrator System

Mission Statement

Table of Contents

Equilibrate System Upgrade

Product Description

The Equilibrate Balance system is a portable, clinical assessment, therapy, and data reference tool that is currently being sold to professional clinics nationwide. Patients step onto two foot pads equipped with force sensors while two cameras track upper body position. Using this data, a physician can analyze a patient’s balance and prescribe corresponding therapies. The product was designed by Balance Engineering and more information is available on their website at http://balancengineering.com/equilibrate-in-action.

Primary Goals

The current product was intended to be highly portable. The design is able to break apart and fit into a 45” x 21” x 8” carrying case. The total weight with carrying case is 44lbs, heavier than what most health care professionals would like to carry around. The structure itself has visible wires and looks very industrial, not the look that most physicians want.

Our primary goal is to reduce the weight and improve the aesthetics while maintaining all current functionality. The customer also requested investigation into increased adjustability of the foot pads. The foot pads currently move in a north-south direction and an east-west adjustability was requested. Please view Customer Needs for details.

Primary Market

*Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
*Care Services and Fall Risk Assessment
*Concussion Management and Sport Medicine
*Veterns Services
*Additional Balance Applications

Assumptions and Constraints