P12015: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building


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Visually impaired or blind (VI/B) individuals can have difficulty navigating through unfamiliar areas. Room numbers and locations are often indicated in Braille, but less than 10% of legally blind people in the US can read Braille. In order to address this problem, our team designed and created a navigation aid device for blind people walking in an unfamiliar building. RIT is home to a number of students with visual impairments, and many of these students are also deaf or hard of hearing. In order to meet the needs of the local population of potential end users of this device, the navigation does not rely on auditory cues, and it allows the user to continue to use a cane or guide dog.

An integrated package that contains both the navigation and the input/feedback mechanism was created. The device designed can navigate a person from any point on the 2nd floor of the Gleason Building (09) to any other point on that floor. The complete navigation system is based on a series of RFID tags that indicate landmarks in the target area, and implements Dijkstra’s Routing Algorithm to determine the best path from a known starting point (based on local RFID tag identification) to a known end point (entered by the user).

During 2010-11, a pair of teams (P11016, P11017) undertook initial proof-of-concept designs, which forms the foundation of our 2011-12 project. Below are links to their website and designs.

Intra-Building System

Tactile Interface for Visually Impaired

Project Name
Building Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired/Blind
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Faculty Guide
Dr. Beth DeBartolo, eademe@rit.edu
Other Support
Dr. Vinny Amuso, vjaeee@rit.edu
Prof. John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Prof. Adriana Becker-Gomez, axbeec@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support) :
National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Team Members

Name Position Phone Number Email
Bob Evans Electrical Engineer 315-532-7488 rme3091@rit.edu
Jackson Lamp Computer Engineer / Website Manager 802-274-3347 jal2633@rit.edu
Ben Davidson Mechanical Engineer 339-223-9656 bfd4542@rit.edu
Konrad Ahlin Mechanical Engineer 978-836-2843 kja1497@rit.edu
David Sachenik Electrical Engineer / Team Facilitator 716-698-7428 dms6502@rit.edu
David Yip Electrical Engineer / Lead Engineer 210-573-9096 dky1862@rit.edu

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