P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building
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Detailed Design Overview

Table of Contents

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Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

Heat Dissipation Calculations

Updated Power Calculations (Includes MSP430 & Motors)

Input/Output Signals

Motor Power Consumption w/ Scenario

Storage and Algorithm Memory Requirements (with P12015)

Algorithm Performance (Updated for TI MSP430F5xx)

Stress Analysis of Snaps on Plastic Housing Parts

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings (SolidWorks Files)

Results of Vibrational Motor Testing, 2011-10-20

Functional Circuit Diagrams (updated 11/11/11)

USB Interface Schematic (PNG)

MCU Schematic (PNG)

Peripherals Schematic (PNG)

PWM Motor Controller Calculations (JPG, scanned)

Results of USB Charger/Interface Testing

Results of RFID Reader/Time Testing

Schematics (EAGLE format)

Directory of flowcharts and other diagrams

Map Data Structures and Node Configurations (with P12015)

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials (electronic parts)

Test Plans

Preliminary Test Plan (latest revision includes software testing)

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment, SLDR and DDR combined

Detailed Design Review

Presentation, notes, actions.

Detailed Design Review Presentation, P12016 ME/ISE portion (Handout)

Detailed Design Review Presentation, P12015/P12016 EE/CE portion (PDF | PPT) (Handout)

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