P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building
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Final Product Overview

Table of Contents

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CAD Drawings

Directory of files

Final set of CAD files for housing

Large (Prototyping) PCB

PCB Layout

PCB Circuit Schematic

Updates to Large PCB after testing

Small (Final) PCB

PCB Circuit Schematic and Layout Files

Electrical Design Considerations


Interfaces (PNG) | (Dia)

Map of Ports Used on MSP430F5438[A] (PNG) | (SVG)

Path-Following Algorithm (PNG) | (Dia)

Component Reference Materials

Final P12016 Navigation Program (code and comments) | (ToC)

Test Plans

Housing and Attachment Tests

Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment, SLDR and DDR combined

Poster, Paper, Presentation

Final Poster

Technical Paper

Final Presentation