P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building
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Meeting Notes 2011-10-14

Team members present: everybody


MCU: have all the calculations; get it checked out by a professor (Dr. Bowman, Dr. Amuso, Dr. Becker-Gomez, Dr. Patru?, etc.)

I/O signals: Change ETA to be given on a button press. Use a lockout for input. Make sure the testing information filters down to how the signals are given to the user.

Vibrational motors: avoid the situation where the motors interact to the extent that the device becomes a cell phone; consider damping. The Mitsumi meeting was really helpful for thinking about component choices. Think about how the device functions on a human level, not just an engineering level. Focus on ergonomics as well. Jeff located a testing scheme that was used by another university for research into touch detection/resolution on skin and adapted it to vibration. Make motor choice ASAP. Order multiple makes of motors if necessary. Leaning towards coin motors.

Heat transfer: Numbers seem unusually good (low air temperature given the housing wall material/thickness). Get a second opinion - Dr. Schrlau?

Accelerometer/magnetometer combo component chosen.

Before next week

Before next meeting

Jeff, Curt, Magy: testing

Aalyia: finalize keypad and work on I/O signals

Stu: follow up with Dr. Stevens & add battery

Oliver: finalize MCU and start algorithm

Dave: schematics for all the circuitry

Bill of Materials

Move the Google Docs list to EDGE for easier version control / grading access ;)