P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building
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Meeting Notes 2011-10-25

Cross-Team Meeting (with P12015)

MCU chosen - TI MSP430F5438, based on 16KB SRAM available (some reservations still on map storage). Will collaborate on the program algorithm and map representation to save work and have inter-team compatibility.

P12016 Meeting

Stu: The total weight is looking good for now, but it's close (components totaling about 3 ounces, so housing has to be under an ounce). For Friday: coming up with mechanical size/shape constraints for the PCB board given the MCU and antenna as well as the RFID and keyboard interface locations.

Dave: schematic for final device. Already picked pieces to order (now that MCU is chosen)

Aalyia: more detailed power analysis based on different operations the device would have to perform. Can now add MCU.

Oliver: Prototype algorithm, decide how to represent maps and where to put the RFID tags on the floor (collaborate with Jackson).

Magy: Working on schedule for MSD II, will look over on Friday. Need to decide on how many motors we want and where to place them.