P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building
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Meeting Notes March 16, 2012

Look over what team 12015 completed and make appropriate changes to MSD II Schedule.

Determine which items needs to be ordered based on what was purchased last quarter and timing/need of the item.

There is a possibility of RFID reader damage caused by overheating last quarter. Test the reader to ensure no damage. If there is damage, then order new one.

Create a large PCB before ordering the actual one because of the difference in costs.

Housing tests need to be moved to after week three since changes might be made to PCB size which will result in changes to housing.

The RFID reader’s actual size need to be adjusted in the housing. Adjustments need to be made because of the hole placement on the RFID.

Meeting Notes March 19, 2012

Product ordered (all of the product should be in by Friday)

Electrical/ PCB update:

Housing and attachment

Meeting Notes March 23, 2012

The battery that was decided on last quarter is not available and we were not able to contact the company. Therefore, it was decided to use the previous team’s battery since it meets all our specifications. However, since the battery has a different shape changes need to be made to the housing.

Housing and attachment:

PCB update:


Meeting Notes March 26, 2012

PCB Update:


Housing Prototype:

Meeting Notes March 30, 2012

Housing Update and attachment:

PCB Update: