P12016: Navigation Aid for the Blind -- floor in building

Project Review


WEEK 11 FINAL REVIEW MEETING: (All team members present except for Curtis)

1. Run New snaps by John Bonzo to ensure that the new design will not be a problem for the 3D Printer.

2. Stress Hand Calculations should be put up on EDGE.

3. Need to determine most optimal fabric and fabric thickness for attachment sleeve (e.g spandex/nylon or thick wool option).

4. Determine whether padding between housing and attachment material is necessary to ensure user comfort. Thickness of the attachment material will play a role in this decision.

5. Rather than sewing the thick material which will connect the housing to attachment, use Velcro that will wrap over it self to allow for easy manufacturing and assembly.

6. Make RFID Tag reader support (in housing) round at the ends rather than square.

7. Group needs to decide when will be the best time to stop changing the design based on P12015 (winter finish team).

As of now, Based on P12015s schedule we believe that week 7 or 8 will be a good choice.

8.Document final weight and volume Budget. Create spreadsheet of all parts that will affect housing volume and weight to determine final specs.

9. For SD II a PowerPoint will be created each week in order to allow Dr. DeBartolo to know what has been accomplished by each group member and the group as a whole.

10. If a group member has extra time and none of their future tasks are on the critical path, time should be spent writing the final paper.

11. Update risk assessment for the EE/CE side.

12. Get rid of all empty/unnecessary nodes on EDGE.


Preparation, notes, actions, etc.

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