P12026: Wireless Power Transmission Through Skin

3 Week Plan

MSD 2 Week 6 Shared Vision

Our team plans to demonstrate the full mechanical assembly of the device. All mechanical parts should be in working order, and should interface with each other. The demo will taken place with the motor-generator system inside the cases. Various media (meat, water, wood, metal, etc.) may be placed between the units for demonstration if there is extra time. Electronic components will be completed, but "working operation" is tentative; components should show an interface with the motor/generator, but may require additional debugging between weeks 6 and 8.

Week 4-6 plan Matrix

Individual Three week plans for weeks 4-6 of MSD 2

Nooreldin Amer

Michael Carozzoni

William Chan

Naveen George

Devin Prescott

Paul Slagle

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