P12031: Motion Assisted Seating Device for Sailing


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The goal of the Motion Assistive Seating Device for Sailing team is to design, assemble, and test an updated version of the current design for the portable and detachable seating system that empowers the disabled community to experience the true joys of sailing while endowing the functional advantages to compete in sailing competitions and decreasing any hindrances caused by implementing the seating system during competition. The updated design should be a safe and functional improvement upon the current design that meets the requirements of Richard Ramos and Keith Burhans. The updated seating system will go into application for the community of disabled users who wish to sail for leisurely purposes. Depending on the effectiveness of the design, the seating system may receive enough recognition to go into further implementation internationally through the Paralympic games as was the current design after its initial implementation.

Richard Ramos sailing on a Sonar boat in open waters

Richard Ramos sailing on a Sonar boat in open waters

Watch Richard tack during the normal operation of the device:Quadsailor GMSS Tack.

Watch Richard's friend Steve lockout the system on the Port side:Quadsailor GMSS Tack 2

The following video depicts the Richard testing the New System Crank System while it is fixtured in-house.

Project Name
Motion Assistive Seating Device for Sailing
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik
Technical Mentor
Kate Leipold
Primary Customer
Richard Ramos
Secondary Customer
Keith Burhans


Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Smith
National Science Foundation Award No. BES-052735
National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Team Members

From Left to Right: Aleef Mahmud, Mitchel Rankie, Christopher

From Left to Right: Aleef Mahmud, Mitchel Rankie, Christopher "Chappy" Sullivan, Steven Gajewski.

Name Position Email
Aleef Mahmud Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager akm6847@rit.edu
Christopher "Chappy" Sullivan Mechanical Engineer / System Engineer cxs8750@rit.edu
Mitchel Rankie Mechanical Engineer mjr4573@rit.edu
Steven Gajewski Mechanical Engineer sag1703@rit.edu

Table of Contents

MSD I Content

Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

WBS, PRP, 1-Page Summary, CN, ES, Benchmarking, Project Plan

Original Model, Weight, Concepts, Risk, System Level Design

Constraints, Benchmarking, Adjustability, Analysis, Detailed Design

MSD II Content

Build, Test, Document

Final Documentation

Video Gallery

Photo Gallery

CAD, Part Drawings, BOM, Manufacturing Plans, Test Plan and Results

Poster, Final Presentation, Final Paper, Future Work and Challenges

Videos from the Project

Photos from the Project