P12031: Motion Assisted Seating Device for Sailing

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Modeling of the Original System

The Original System CAD Model has been created as per customer and sponsor request, and for use during system development. The model has been created with SolidWorks 2011 and the system is modeled as multiple subassemblies that are combined into one fully integrated assembly. The Tiller Strut is not included in the assembly since that sub-components is attached to the system via ropes and does not have any other physical connection to the rest of the system. All parts involved with the system are included in the zip file. The seat has also been modeled but simplified to serve a generic purpose for reference.

Original System Model (the tiller strut is not shown)

Original System Model (the tiller strut is not shown)

Weight Decomposition

The Original Weight of the system is approximately 106lb total. As per the project objectives of weight reduction the team has weighed the different sub-components of the system and further analyzed the weight through the current CAD models. The team is seeking 25% weight reduction to bring the overall weight to 79.5lb.

Functional Decomposition

A Functional Decomposition is completed by the team to assess the high level functionality of the system.

System functions are further dissected and brainstormed upon in terms of the Steering and the User Mass. This helps to discover alternative methods to complete the same functions and create a list of concepts to gauge and develop toward in detailed design.

Morphological Chart

A Morphological Chart is then completed to organize the different concepts being considered for implementation in the new system. This list will be used to construct the concept selection charts.

Concept Selection

For Concept Selection, different combination of concepts are gauged against one another to find the ideal design concept to develop toward in detailed design.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is completed during the course of MSD I and II is iteratively updated as the project progress.

Systems Level Design Review

System Level Design Agenda is sent out ahead of the meeting to give the prospective attendees a sense of the structure of the meeting.

System Level Design presentation is also sent out ahead of the meeting to give the prospective attendees reading material ahead of the meeting.

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