P12036: NTID Nofication Alert


Project Summary Project Information

There is a need in the deaf or hard of hearing community for a small and inexpensive module to serve as a mobile alarm clock or emergency alert notification device. This will be accomplished by controlling a bed shaker and high intensity lights as part of an application from a cell phone or similar Bluetooth enabled device. The Bluetooth chip and micro-controller will be modular in design such that they can be used in a variety of different applications. Higher intensity LED's will be implemented and flush mounted to the exterior of the device to allow for a brighter signal at a wider viewing angle. To improve mobility the device; it will no longer draw power solely from a wall socket but will house an internal lithium-ion battery. This project will yield a functioning prototype which will be smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the previous proof of concept design. A CAD package, circuit layout, and an instruction manual will also be delivered at project completion. This is the second phase of the project. Here is a link to the previous group and the progress that has been made previously. Phase I Prototype

Project Concept Drawing
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Project Name
NTID Notification Alert Phase II
Project Number
Project Family
Project Track
NTID Devices
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Dr. George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Gary Behm, gwbnts@ntid.rit.edu

Team Members

Photo Name Role Contact
Michael Myers Mechanical Engineer - Project Lead

Responsible for the enclosure design (CAD Package) and stress analysis to meet customer needs and specifications. Project Lead also responsible for documenting the design process and managing the various disciplines of the design team to the completion of a working prototype.

Joseph Gaglione Computer Engineer

Responsible for programming a software package in C for the MSP430 and PAN1325 microcontroller to provide alarm clock functionality. Also to deliver application for the PC to interface with the device to set alarm times as well as LED/bed shaker intensity.

Matthew Gesner Lead Electrical Engineer

Responsible for Bluetooth Solution Selection, including Bluetooth technologies research and component selection, as well as FCC compliance. Responsible for Pre-Read document and partially responsible for Detailed Design document. Responsible for Schematics and their continued development.

Scott Tucker Electrical Engineer

Responsible for the selection, design, and implementation of the power supply circuitry. Also, accountable for documenting the technical reviews as well as managing and maintaining the Bill of Materials list.

Alvaro Berceruelo Electrical Engineer

Responsible for the purchase of materials. Also responsible for component selection. Along with Scott, accountable for design, and implementation of the power supply circuitry.

Cory Duell Electrical Engineer

Responsible for updating the project develop timeline. Also responsible for the PCB design, selection, and layout based on the schematic. Partially responsible for component selection and design choice.


Table of Contents

Project Planning Concept Level Design Detail Level Design Building & Testing Project Presentation

Mission Statement

Product Development Timeline

Team Values and Norms

Risk Assessment

Phase I Prototype

Weekly Status Reports

Project Readiness Package

Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

Quality Metric

Concept Generation

Product Concept Evaluation

User Surveys

Concept Design Review

Software Block Diagram

Structural Analysis

Thermal Analysis

CAD Model

Electrical Schematic

PCB Layout & Design

Detailed Design Review

Planning & Execution

Bill Of Materials

Test Plan

Final CAD Drawings

Final PCB Layout

Testing Results


User Manual

Manufacturing Plan

Photo & Video Gallery

Final Presentation

Technical Paper