P12201: Humanoid Platform

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

Mechanical Engineering Analysis

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Leg Motion Video
3D PDF of the Arm
3D PDF of the Leg
3D PDF of the Full Assembly
Electrical Schematic
Wiring Harnessing and Routing Diagrams
Activity Diagram of Software
Pseudo Code for Specific Functions
IR Sensor Mapping
IR Sensor Code
Concept Selection of Android Phone Communication Devices
Concept Selection of Android and iOS
Android-Arduino Research

Bill of Material (BOM)


Test Plans

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Detailed Design Review

Torque Calculations for servos
CAD Drawings
Ansys Analysis
Electrical Schematics (Board, Intelligence, and Sensing)
Battery Power Analysis
Detailed Design Review Notes

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