P12201: Humanoid Platform


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This senior design project is the first one of the series of projects planned, called TIGERBOT, for developing humanoid robots at RIT. The first humanoid robot will be designed as the test bench for the future senior design projects. The future senior design projects will aim to improve/redesign certain aspects of humanoid robots. Thus, TigerBot senior design project series will have two tracks: platform and area specific. This senior design will focus on designing the platform which will be used as test bench for the area specific senior design projects.

The platform will be a robot with enough number of joints and power to walk straight and turn. This platform will be used to generate future senior design projects and be a test bed for the new ideas regarding humanoid components such as electromechanical body, intelligence, control, and sensors. Since this is a platform robot, senior design team will focus on system level design rather than component level design. This, students can use existing designs, ideas, component of the shelf parts, and custom design components.

Project Readiness Package
1-page project summary

Project Name
TigerBot Humanoid Platform
Project Number
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End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack
Primary Customer
Multi Agent Bio-Robotics Lab, Electrical and Microelectronics Engineering, RIT
Sponsor (financial support)
Ferat Sahin, feseee@rit.edu

Team Members

Our Team

Our Team

Member Role Contact
Charles Borrello Co-Project Manager email
Tony Burnette Resource Manager email
Ernest Danso Lead Electrical Engineer email
Andrew Jabrucki Co-Project Manager email
Danny Lee Quality & Test Engineer email
Joseph Noble Lead Mechanical Engineer email
Christopher Radnovich Lead Computer Engineer email
Jonathan Zaman Integration Officer email
Our Design

Our Design

Table of Contents

MSD I MSD II Culmination

Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

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Final Presentation

Technical Paper