P12242: Moog Flight Simulator -- Cockpit-to-Motion Table

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

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Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

Worst Case Force Analysis

Mat Lab Code

Bolt Analysis

MSD 1 Bolted Joints Analysis.xls

Bolt Calculations and Drawings:

Bearing in Bolt

Bearing in Members

Edge Sheering in Member

Fmax Calculations

Front Support

Front Support Dimensioning

Front&Back Supports

Plate&Motion Table

Plate&Pylon Fastening

Sheer Analysis

Sheer Analysis_2

ANSYS Analysis

Wide Plate


Static-Cockpit-people-no screen

Static-Cockpit-people-steel screen

Static-Cockpit-people-AL screen

Dynamic-Cockpit-people-steel screen

Dynamic-Cockpit-people-AL screen


ST-Static-Cockpit-people-steel screen

ST-Dynamic-Cockpit-people-steel screen

ST-Dynamic-Cockpit-people-AL screen

ANSYS Analysis



Static-Cockpit-people-steel screen_2

Static-Cockpit-people-AL screen_2

Dynamic-Cockpit-people-steel screen_2

Dynamic-Cockpit-people-AL screen_2


ST-Dynamic-Cockpit-people-steel screen_2

ST-Dynamic-Cockpit-people-AL screen_2

Deflection vs Thickness Graph deflection vs thickness.xls

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Drawing and Part Files Zipped Folder

Bill of Material (BOM)

BOM for Designs Presented at Detailed Design Review BOM.xls

Test Plans

Preliminary Test Plan Test Plans.doc

Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment Risk Assessment_V2.xls

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Presentation: 2/24/2012 Detailed_Design_2.pdf

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