P12242: Moog Flight Simulator -- Cockpit-to-Motion Table

Systems Design

Table of Contents

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Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Concept Selection Matrix.xls

Concept A1 Motion Table Assy.jpg

Concept A2 Motion Table Assy with Frame.jpg

Concept A3 Motion Table Assy Plate & Framework.jpg

Concept B1 Motion Table Assy Plate Frame.jpg

Concept B2 Motion Table Assy Channel Frame.jpg

Concept C1 - Coming Soon

Motion Table Drawings

User's Manual for Motion Table UsersManual_6DOF500E.pdf

Installation Drawing Packet SixDOF500EInstallationC19202.pdf

Plane Pictures

Beechcraft Duchess cutaway

Side view of Plane

Control panel of Plane

Nose of Plane

Nose of Plane:Landing Gear Position

Landing Gear Mounting Point



Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition Revision 1 Functional_decomp_rev1.pdf

Risk Assessment

Original Risk Assessment FMEA.xlsx

Systems Design Review

Presentation Systems Design Review-2.pdf

Template RIT-MOOG Presentation Template.ppt

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