P12243: Moog Flight Simulator -- Visual Display

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CAD Documents

Flange 1

Flange 2

Flange 3

Flange 4

Flange 5

Flange 6

Flange 7

Plywood Hole Pattern

Projector Plate

Screen Assembly Solidworks Files

Hinge Plate Design


Final CAD Assembly


Test Plans & Test Results

Most of the testing involved setting up the PixelWix software on the screen. The software is set up so that it shows a perfect grid (square) system when displayed on a flat surface or wall. The grid system is set up with a draggable pixel on each square corner. When displayed on a curved screen the image initially looks distorted and the squares are misshaped. To get the display to look right on the curved surface the pixels were moved around until the grid was square again. The set up involved measuring the distance the top pixels were from the top of the screen, this was to insure that the top of the image was uniformly parallel to the top of the screen. We did the same thing to the bottom of the screen as well. Using a level and a straight edge the vertical pixels were set up by moving them so they were aligned with the top most pixels. Once the pixels were vertically set up the spacing had to be adjusted. This was done by measuring the distance between the top and bottom pixel and dividing by the number of pixels in-between, then each pixel was separated by that amount using a scale. The last thing that was adjusted was the horizontal distance between the vertical pixel columns.


Assembly Instructions

Screen Assembly

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

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