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A nonlinear six degree of freedom (6-DOF) simulation has multiple uses ranging from desktop, non-real-time engineering applications to real-time piloted simulation activities. The nonlinear simulation can be used for engineering analysis of flight control system failure modes to the implementation of a closed loop Ironbird simulation. A closed loop Ironbird simulation can include a cockpit with inceptors, visual displays, the flight control system with flight control computers that host the customer supplied control laws, the hydraulic or electro-hydraulic actuation system and the customer supplied aerodynamic model.

The proposed project is to design, build, and test a visual display system for application in a nonlinear closed loop aircraft simulation which provides the ability to predict an aircraft’s flight path from time zero to time n based on pilot inputs and external disturbances. The visual displays will be mounted to (or inside) a cockpit from an actual aircraft which will be then mounted to a 6-DOF actuation table. Selection of the visualization technology and subsequent mounting is expected to be the focus of this project. Coordination with the cockpit assembly team and cockpit to motion table interface team is crucial. The flight simulation visuals will be delivered via an augmented version of a COTS flight simulator software package. A software engineering senior design team will focus on the modification to the flight simulator software.

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Moog Flight Simulator Visual Display
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Michael Zona, (585)298-7691, mfzddm@rit.edu
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Zachary Bolotin Lead Mechanical Engineer zmb7216@rit.edu
Cody Hatch Mechanical Engineer cjh4232@rit.edu
Robert Swartz Mechanical Engineer rws8792@rit.edu

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