P12243: Moog Flight Simulator -- Visual Display

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Customer Needs


Team Norms & Values

Code of Ethics

Behavior Expectation:Each team member is expected to be professional and courteous to other team members.

Balanced Distribution of work:Work will be assigned at team meetings. New work will be distributed and old work will be discussed to make sure that people are getting their assignments done. If they are having trouble or the work load is too much it is expected that they will come forward and say something so that the work can be redistributed.

Team Roles:Team roles will be determined based on strengths and weaknesses of the members.

Honoring Strengths:The strengths of each team member will be utilized by determining who would be better doing the task at hand.

Communication:We will communicate with each other outside of the meetings by email. We will make sure that everyone is staying on task and if there are issues that they will be resolved.

Interaction with Guide:The Guide will be up to date with everything that is going on with the design process and project in general. The guide will be contacted through email or phone if questions arise.

Making Decisions:If a decision needs to be made, the whole group will be confronted about the options. There will need to be consensus from everyone in order for the decision to be made. If someone has a problem with the decision they will be allowed to explain their reasoning and a decision will be made based on what they say.

Integrity and responsibility:Team members are expected to complete the assignments given to them on time. They need to be truthful and honest about what they can do. If an assignment cannot get finished in the time given to them they need to come forward and ask for help.

Managing Conflict:If there is a conflict the team members will be informed and the problem will be dealt with. The conflict will first be brought to the person who it involves by the team leader. If the conflict can’t be resolved the rest of the team will be informed of the conflict. The team will then try to resolve the conflict, and only at extreme circumstances will the conflict be brought to the guide.


Project Plans & Schedules

WBS, 1-page project summary, Gantt charts, etc. MSD I & II
Updated 2/16/2012

Updated 2/16/2012

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions


Peer Reviews


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