P12311: RF Anechoic Chamber

3b. Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

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Systems Integration

Danielle Walters Mid-Quarter Status

Motor Arm and Control System

Labview Control System Flow Chart

Labview GUI

LabView Source Code for Gain Calibration and Measurement

Bill of Materials

Test Plans & Test Results

Test Plan

Characterization of Reflector and Microstrip Antennas

Tabletop Microstrip Results (2_10_12)

Chamber Microstrip Results (2_20_12)

Chamber Reflector Results (2_20_12)

Functional & Performance Review

P12311 Final Review Powerpoint

P12311 Presentation Read Package

Anechoic Chamber Instruction Manual

Operator Instructions Manual

Anechoic Chamber Instruction Manual


Driver Data Sheet

Driver User Guide

Motor Data Sheet