P12311: RF Anechoic Chamber


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With MSD projects implementing wireless technologies (i.e. Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, wireless USB devices, antenna design technologies), it is critical that these teams are able to verify and measure wireless performance. Currently, this is very challenging if not impossible for project teams. Performance specifications cannot be verified and go untested. Often team frustration set in when the wireless portion of the project doesn't function and teams have few if any options to troubleshoot.

Currently there are two chambers on the EE 3rd floor. One in Dr. Venkataraman's‚ Electromagnetics Lab and a small one in Dr. Tsouri's Research Lab. Unfortunately these chambers require comprehensive instrumentation training, equipment is very expensive and sensitive to any unintentional misuse. Also, these are often in use due to lengthy test setup needs and continuous use in course lab experiments. There isn't sufficient time or resources to train MSD team members so these chambers are not open to MSD Teams in a timely manner. Also, these chambers may not be sufficiently large enough to ensure accurate test results to support 2.4 GHz range.

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Project Summary

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RF Anechoic Chamber
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Prof. George Slack; 475-5105; email
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Prof. Jayanti Venkataraman; 475-2143; email
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Prof. Jayanti Venkataraman
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Dani Walters EE email
Sheldon Palmer EE email
Lucas McKeehan EE email

Table of Contents

MSD I Completed MSD II Chamber Characterization and Turntable with Antenna Mount Prototype Design - I MSD II Automated Antenna Radiation and Gain Measurement System with User Interface

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Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

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1a. Photo Gallery

2a. Planning & Execution

3a. Build, Test, Document

4a. Project Review

5a. Final Presentation (10 min)

6a. Technical Paper (9 pages)

1b. Photo Gallery

2b. Planning & Execution

3b. Build, Test, Document

4b. Project Review

5b. Final Presentation (20 min)

6b. Technical Paper (8 pages)

7b. Poster