P12371: Nanomanipulator

Build, Test, Document

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This page will show all of our status updates as we build and test the manipulator. Here we will track our progress, as well as our budget and testing results.

Weekly Status Updates

Our weekly status updates will be posted here along with a Gantt chart detailing our current progress against our initial Plan. There is also a summary of all the orders we have placed, which includes a budget status, and a machining status spreadsheet.
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Current Progress vs. Plan

Order Summary

Machining Status Summary

Test Plans & Test Results

Test Plan

Drawing Package and Assembly Instructions

A link to the drawing package that is being used for machining and assembly.
Drawing Package for Machining and Assembly (Subject to Change)
Wiring diagram controller to board
Wiring diagram driver circuit

Functional & Performance Review

More to come

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

More to come

Service Instructions/Manual

THB6064AH Data Sheet
Stepper Motor Data Sheet

Source Code

Joystick Control
Stepper Motor Control

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