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Currently nanoscale science is not widely studied in our education system due to the high costs of many tools and instruments used in studying nanotechnology. One way to broaden the study of nanotechnology is to reduce the cost of the various instruments used. One piece of hardware used to study the behavior of singe living cells is a nanomanipulator. A nanomanipulator is a high precision instrument used to precisely maneuver instruments that are used to study living cells under high magnification microscopes. Our goal is to build a low cost nanomanipulator that mimics performance of commercially available manipulators available on the market today. The manipulator will also be computer controlled, to allow for eventual remote control and monitoring of the device. Eventually these low cost manipulators that can be controlled remotely will significantly broaden accessibility to nanotechnology in high schools and colleges.

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Faculty Guide
William Nowak
Principal Engineer
Xerox Corporation
E-mail: william.nowak@xerox.com
Primary Customer
Michael Schrlau
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
E-mail: mgseme@rit.edu
1. Eppendorf NA
Donated a manipulator
Contact through Michael Schrlau
2. Michael Schrlau
Provided Start-up Funds

Team Members

(From left to right) Jackie B, Rob H, Sabine L, Brad L, Brad O

(From left to right) Jackie B, Rob H, Sabine L, Brad L, Brad O

Member Role Contact
Jaclyn Bastardi Actuator/Force Generation Engineer jmb5473@rit.edu
Robert Hughes Servo/Shuttle Controls Engineer hughesr07@gmail.com
Sabine Loebner Program Engineer sxl7627@rit.edu
Bradley Ling System Controls/Interface Engineer bal8419@rit.edu
Brad Olan Actuator/Force Generation Engineer bjo8137@rit.edu

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Code of Ethics

Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

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Build, Test, Document

Final Presentation

Final Technical Paper