P12401: Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank

Battery Enclosure Design

Battery Enclosure Design


The battery and electrical enclosure needed to be portable, inexpensive, and shield the components from the elements. It does not however have to be weather proof, or live outdoors for extended periods of time or during adverse conditions. The design consists of an 18 gallon plastic tote with a simple 2x4 frame to set the battery and other electrical components inside of it. The MPPT, PCB, and other electrical control components are mounted on two separate sheets of acrylic. These sheets of acrylic are spaced out and stacked on top of one another to allow all critically accessible components to be on top and all unnecessarily accessed components on the bottom.




For transportation, the wiring and any other hardware hardware can be stowed in the container.


P/N 1400 - Enclosure Assembly

P/N 1401 - 18 Gallon Tote with Lid

P/N 1402 - 2x4 Long Wooden Stud Pieces

P/N 1403 - 2x4 Short Wooden Stud Pieces

P/N 1404 - Upper Acrylic Mounting Plate

P/N 1405 - Lower Acrylic Mounting Plate

P/N 1406 - Plastic Spacers between Lexan Plates

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