P12401: Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank

Battery Selection

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Chosen Battery


Amstron 12V / 75Ah Deep Cycle VRLA Battery - R Terminal (http://www.amstron.com/product/AP12-75D.asp)

Battery Selection

In order to charge 8 LVE batteries for P12402 we calculated that a battery capacity of 68AH or greater will be necessary. The battery we have chosen is a 75AH deep cycle sealed lead acid unit. It will be able to provide enough power to the charging dock while still maintaining a depth of discharge of 40%. The battery will last for approximately 1000 cycles at this depth of discharge.

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 122°F

Battery Discharge

77AH over 20 hours

75AH over 10 hours

65AH over 5 hours

45AH over 1 hours

Approximate Weight

51.8 lb / 23.50 kg

Specification Sheet

Amstron Specification Sheet

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