P12402: Charging Dock and Power Control

Mission Profile

Dock Setup

Students will carry the dock and its corresponding weatherproof enclosure to the windmill location, depending on where it is on that given day. Students will also need to bring the charge-depleted LVE batteries so that they may be charged and used in the LVE.

The user will connect the wire from the windmill's battery storage to the charging dock and flip the switch from the 'Off' to 'On' position to start the charging process.

The user will then, according to the user manual, connect each battery to its respective terminal on the dock and and attach the battery to the side of the dock for placement.

The user will be educated on the current status of batteries and charging levels according to the LED lights on the outside of the dock. Interpretation of the LED lights can be found in the user manual.

Energy Regulation & Battery Charging

The dock will either convert or regulate the received power depending on which energy source is the current provider.

The dock will accommodate up to eight LVE batteries. They will be charged indoors or outdoors, based on the source of power.

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