P12402: Charging Dock and Power Control

Mission Statement

General Mission

The mission of the Sustainable Energy Systems for Education (SESE) family of projects is to design, develop, build, test, and deliver interchangeable sustainable energy technological solutions for use by future senior design teams and undergraduate engineering class projects in the KGCOE, beginning fall semester 2013.

The SESE projects should demonstrate the core functions of sustainable systems. All work produced should be in an open source / open architecture format, encouraging use of the technologies by others.

6 Core Functions of Sustainable Systems - Comparison

Function Sustainable System Conventional System
Collection Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Waste Heat, Biofuels Crude oil extracted from seabeds and oil fields
Conversion Kinetic to Potential, AC to DC or DC to AC Crude oil refined into gasoline
Storage Battery, Super-capacitor Gasoline stored in barrels and underground tanks
Distribution On-Site, Power Lines Pipelines and tankers distribute gasoline to gas stations
Consumption Electricity End user pumps gasoline into vehicle's fuel tank
Control Smart Grid Happens in all steps of the process to determine supply quantity, octane rating, etc.

Project Statement

The mission of the Charging Dock & Power Control project is to design, build, test and deliver a charging station that controls the charging of the portable power source. The portable power supply can be a battery pack or battery packs that ultimately powers the Land Vehicle for Education (LVE, R12005). The circuit board will be integrated with the portable power supply, and be required to interface both mechanically and electrically with the charging dock as well as the LVE. The charging dock will receive power from other sustainable energy sources such as the Wind Energy Collection to Energy Bank (WECEB) project, and/or a standard AC outlet.

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