P12402: Charging Dock and Power Control


Stakeholder Groups Stakeholder Representatives Raw Data from Stakeholder Representative Interactions
LVE - Land Vehicle For Education

LVE Multidisciplinary Senior Design Teams are primary target users for SESE projects. These teams will incorporate SESE subsystems, particularly battery packs, into their future design projects.

Phil Bryan

(P11211 Faculty Guide)

Detailed Design Review Packet

Freshmen Students

The freshmen students entering Fall semester of 2013 will be the primary users of the LVE and the Charging Dock.

Freshmen Mechanical Engineering Students
KGCOE Faculty and Staff Members

The Faculty of the KGCOE deliver all courses in the college, and the SESE projects must produce technology artifacts that can be used for a variety of engineering education purposes. The Staff of the KGCOE will be essential to implement and support the SESE projects after the MSD students graduate. When SESE technologies are incorporated into lower division courses and projects, staff will play an important role in technology support.

Dr. Edward Hensel

(Mechanical Engineering Department Head)

9-13-11 Interview Questions

9-13-11 Interview Notes

9-13-11 Interview Recording

10-28-11 Interview Recording

Methods for Gathering Data from Stakeholders 'Know-Why'

All preliminary data was collected through research and on-site interviews.

Based on the diagram below, the intervention with the user was high, but with a further distance from the user environment. When there is a working prototype, the dynamic will surely change to one of close distance from the user environment while still maintaining a reasonable level of user intervention.

 Stakeholder Data Gathering

Stakeholder Data Gathering

This figure illustrates various methods for Hearing the Voice of The Customer. (following Burchill, G., Concept Engineering: an Investigation of Time vs. Market Orientation in Product Concept development. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. Thesis, 1993.)

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