P12407: Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

System Schematics

Full System Schematic

Files for the full system schematic

Buck-boost stage schematic

Battery charger stage and output circuitry schematic

Microcontroller schematic

System layout

Buck-boost stage layout

Microcontroller layout

Final system layout

EagleCAD 5.7 Board File


Microcontroller Code

Code for sensing and reporting voltages and currents

Test Plans & Test Results

Photovoltaic Test Results

Max Power Point Tracking Test Results

Buck-Boost Converter Test Results

Battery Charger Test Results

System Level Test Results

Initial Efficiency Measurements

Final Efficiency Measurements

Photovoltaic Characteristic Curve

For more details on the test procedures and test results, refer to the Final Report

Troubleshoot (PCB) Analysis

Recommended PCB changes for Battery Charger circuit

Recommended PCB Corrections for Buck-Boost Circuit

Battery Charger PCB Layout corrections

Buck Boost PCB Layout corrections

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